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Meeting Mathilde Smit (II)

Summary by Adam Rakestraw Enter Mathilde Smit:  In the interview with Mathilde Smit the first questions we had for her was understanding her background. We wanted to gather context for her past to better understand her future. Mathilde’s background was studying at Utrecht University in language and culture studies and international relations. After graduating she … Continue reading

Meeting Review

Meeting with Arjen de Wit (II): Considering Methodology, Crowding-Out Effect and Q&A Interview.

Summary by Adam Rakestraw  Arjen de Wit is a researcher,  data manager and Ph.D Candidate at the Center for Philanthropic Studies at Vrije Universitieit in Amsterdam. His PhD project focuses on quantitative research in answering, “How and when does government support affect charitable giving?” In researching the role of government subsidies in donating money he … Continue reading