Young Patron Circle

One of Renée Steenbergen’s research sites is the Young Patron Circle (YPC) of the Dutch Opera Ballet. Together with the Dutch Opera Ballet she is going to try and find out what motivates individuals to become a member of the YPC. This post will give some background information on the Dutch Opera Ballet and the YPC.

Dutch Opera Ballet

The Dutch Opera Ballet is a relative young theatre with a long history. It opened its in 1986, but plans concerning this theatre were already discussed in an Amsterdam city council meeting in 1915. Back then the discussion’s topic were a new city hall and a theatre specifically built for opera (back then ballet was a less popular art form in the Netherlands).

The discussion about the sites for these buildings was on table for a long time and a merger of the two buildings into one was not considered until 1979. All the parties seemed to react rather positive to this idea and of the location (Waterlooplein). The design for the building was approved in 1980 and a year later the construction had begun.

Not everyone was cheerful about the new building. This even led to a demonstration that caused the construction to be held up for about a month. Resistance or no resistance, the building eventually was opened on September 23, 1986. It was titled Het Muziektheater (The Music Theater) and became the home of De Nationale Opera (The National Opera) and Het Nationale Ballet (The National Ballet). In 2013 Het Muziek Theater, De Nationale Opera and Het Nationale Ballet merged into one institution called Nationale Opera Ballet (Dutch Opera Ballet).

Young Patron Circle

The Young Patron Circle of the Dutch Opera Ballet is a group that tries to band together art enthusiasts, philanthropists and young professionals. The members are between 25 and 40 years old, which is relatively young compared to the average opera and/or ballet visitor. YPC offers possibilities within the Dutch Opera Ballet that are inaccessible for others and tries to serve as a platform where young professionals can enter the world of philanthropy and gain a network that is worthwhile.

Besides getting in contact with other members of the YPC of the Dutch Opera Ballet the YPC are also connected with opera and ballet houses allover the world. The Circle will use its connections so that members of the YPC can take full advantage of it. Next to that the YPC offers a broad range of activities for its members, so that they can get to know each other and learn about the Dutch Opera Ballet and the arts that are performed.

A membership costs between 175 to 225 euros per year, depending on the amount of taxes that you can deduct. Around 80% of the money goes directly to the Dutch Opera Ballet in the form of a gift. Striking is the fact that this amount does not offer any tickets to see performances. The YPC currently has around 150 members.


By Karel de Leeuwypc4_0


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