Day of Arts Philanthropy

Day of Arts Philanthropy

By: Iris van Straten

On the 19th of January 2017 the Day of Arts Philanthropy will take place in Utrecht. This day is organized by Renée Steenbergen and the purpose of this scientific congress is to bring together both academics as well as professionals in the art field.

Next to her research into the giving circles of FOAM and the National Opera and Ballet, Renée has been busy organizing this event. The four of us, as Master’s research students, and Renée’s assistant Emilie will assist her in both fields.

For the Day of Philanthropy Adam, Karel, Morgane and I  are going to help her with the invites as well as the online promotion of the congress and in doing so we will learn about the world of art philanthropy and donor-ship.

The congress will be held at the Utrecht University and people from The Netherlands as well as from abroad will be invited. The guest list includes directors and board members from museums and art organizations, private art collectors, academics, fund members, donors, policy makers and journalists.

On this blog a series of posts will be published working towards the date of the congress. We will describe the process of organizing the event and what roles we play in doing so.

Our first ‘task’ is to organize the file with the invites’ names and (e-mail)addresses so that these can be uploaded into an online program  that enables us to send invitations to a wide audience.

Next week we will be meeting Renée again to discuss further participation of us in the organization of the Day of Philanthropy.


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