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We are 2016-2017 Universiteit of Utrecht Master of Arts – Art and Society – Group D.

Our blog is dedicated to capturing and publishing on our ethnographic research for our course Designing Research for Art and Society. Our goal is documentation of our experience with working at specific locations around Utrecht.

What’s ethnographic style of research?

It is a focus on immersive learning and quantitive data collection. Fieldwork research at its finest.

Please follow our progress throughout the Fall 2016 semester and thank you for visiting the site!

Group D consists of:

Morgane Boidin: m.a.f.boidin@students.uu.nl
Karel de Leeuw: K.D.deLeeuw@students.uu.nl
Adam Rakestraw: a.k.rakestraw@students.uu.nl
Iris van Straten: i.a.vanstraten@students.uu.nl

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My name is Iris and I’m a 24-year old student. I was born and raised in the city of Utrecht in the middle of The Netherlands.

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by art, especially visual art. As both my parents are artists, they have always stimulated me to express myself in whatever way and especially my mother taught me a lot.

My parents also often took my little brother and me to museums. Whenever we entered a museum, my mom assigned me to pick my favorite and my least favorite work of art in each room of the museum. Then she asked me to explain to her what I liked about a certain work of art and disliked about the other. This way, she taught me to be critical from a very young age and to put to words my opinion and thoughts about a piece of art.
In both primary school as well as in high school I followed extra courses in painting, drawing, sculpturing as well as in dance.

Fast forward to college. I studied Media and Culture and Film on the University of Amsterdam. During my third year I spent a couple of months in New York City to do an internship at FilmNation, a major film production and distribution company. This internship not only provided me the awesome opportunity to live in New York City for a while, but also taught me how to read and write coverages for scripts, something that was not just very fun to do, but also gave me a lot of insight in the film world and business and how to reflect on scenarios and assess them from different angles.

Shortly after this internship I graduated by writing my Bachelor’s thesis, inspired by my stay in NYC, about the widely well known I ♥ NYC advertisement campaign.

In this MA Arts and Society program, I hope to be able to further dig into the world of art and learn how to assess art in different ways, study different outlets of art and apply ethnographic methodologies in doing so.